Makeup Wishlist for April

If I were to look back to the me from 5 months ago, there I was – caring less about makeup; liquid lipsticks, a basic foundation and a powder pact are all I knew.

Now fast forward to this point, I’m totally and undeniably addicted to…makeup! Why? Well, blame Youtube and my previous crush who shamed on my weight and for me not wearing enough makeup. Why thank you monsieur, should I say, you freaking superficial bastard.

Ahem, excuse me. I tend to get a bit emotional when it comes to this bloke.

Ok enough of that and let’s cut to the chase. I pretty much just started stepping into the makeup meadow so I own very few cosmetics in my bag – a pencil liner, some drugstore liquid lipsticks and stains, a liquid foundation (which I’ve stopped using after my acne breakout last year) and a compact powder.

So, I definitely need more products on my shelf and here are my few picks and wishlist for the month:

  1. Tarteist™ PRO Glow to Go Highlight & Contour Palette
Image Ref: tartecosmetics.com

I was self-debating whether to get this mini palette with 3 colors or the full size one with six. After a few Youtube reviews and since I’m asking my dadda on whim to get me this (and he nodded me a yes!), I decided to go with this one!

My very first time ordering and using Tarte…very excited to try them out for myself!

2. Real Techniques – Sculpting Brush & Blush Brush

Image Ref: thecelution.ca

All my favourite youtubers have at least one Real Techniques brush and everyone’s holding a thumbs up for its 100% synthetic, cruelty-free, soft and fluffy brushes so I immediately knew that I also have to get at least one in my collection!

Already ordered the sculpting brush from a local online shopping since it’s on sales! For the blush brush, I might have to postpone buying it next month or…probably when another sale strikes lol!

3. Morphe 35O – 35 Color Nature Glow Palette

Image Ref: mnh-beauty.blogspot.com

I picked this palette before watching any Youtube hypes. I’ve been searching for the perfect palette with coral tones and a reasonable price (of course) while I stumbled upon this 35 color palette for a super affordable price!

I ain’t waiting, checked out the cart! xD

4. I Heart Makeup – Unicorns Heart highlighter


Image Ref: I Heart Makeup IG

A unicorn highlighter? At only a price lower than $10? DEFINITELY A STEAL!


So that’s pretty much my makeup ticklist for the summer. In addition to these, I need some beauty blender and some more eyeshadow brushes as well…well, I’ll save that for later. Ain’t no student got that much of money to splurge (self soothing lol)


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