About Me

Emmy, 20
dentist in the making

Hey, first of all, a massive thanks for taking an interest on this lil blog of mine as far as to click on the About Me sec and to reach this line as you’re reading. As you can pretty much guess from my blog posts, I’m a literal makeup slash any beauty products trash and a purely amateur fashion designer. But holla a min for I aint’ just that, I’ll let these little hashtags here do the better explaining about me rather than trying to express in paragraphs (me being not such a good writer and all orz):

#otaku #fujoshi #makeupmaniac #amateurdigitalartist #amateurfashiondesigner #periodicfangirl

However, my monthly budget as a university student doesn’t let me get my hands on high end makeup products and anime franchise at the same time, nor the time management between uni and tailoring and anime and manga ain’t doing well cuz you know 24hr isn’t enough of a day to handle all those awesomeness xD

Despite the odds, I will be pouring all of my free time on pursing the things I love and will try to update this blog as my passion-pursing journey moves on — for the blog name says it all “Glamor in the Making” ♡

I hope you enjoy my reviews, swatches, first impression and tutorials on makeup stuffs as well as my bodice creations on this blog!



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